Wavelength Management

About Our Products | Wavelength Management

We have developed a range of interface systems for managing wavelengths within a facility or outside broadcast.
This is often done in order to multiplex multiple wavelengths or cameras onto a single fibre or cable. This can be to ease the rigging time or to reallocate signals to different fibres in the event of an emergency or core failure.
These vary in complexity – from single point to point links on individual fibres up to 16 wavelengths with signal monitoring which can equate to 8 cameras on a single SMPTE cable.

Entry level systems are based around a fixed configuration within a 1RU frame. Alternative systems are modular, scalable and can offer remote monitoring based on the BC160 1RU or BC100 3RU package.

Wavelength Multiplexing
Wavelength Multiplexing – click to enlarge