BC360R Optical to Electrical Receiver 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI pdf icon

The BC360R is a receiver for the conversion of optical signals into electrical 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and ASI. The incoming optical signal is fed to a trans-impedance and limiting amplifier before being electrically reclocked on the outputs. All Bluebell cards are designed to retain maximum integrity of the signal path offering excellent jitter free optical transport.

Two serial digital signals are available on the output. The BC360R is available in singlemode, WDM and CWDM variants to suit any fibre application.

The BC360 cards suit applications where customers wish to keep main and reserve channels on separate physical cards for redundancy.

The BC360R occupies a single slot in the BC100-3RU 19″ rack-mounting frame which can hold up to 15 single slot cards. Some BC Series processing cards have dual functionality allowing up to 30 channels of video to be transmitted or received from a single 3RU frame.
Signal and card monitoring is achieved through SNMP monitoring in the BM101 network card.
Alternatively GP-Output alarms can be triggered via the BM100 module.

For stand alone applications the BC360R can be housed in an individual rugged enclosure.

Schematic Diagram
bc360r bc360r
Specifications for each channel
Optical Input
Connector 1 x female LC as standard
See Ordering Information
Wavelength 1260-1620 nm
See Ordering Information for multimode and singlemode variants
Sensitivity > -25.0 dBm @ 3 Gb/s
> -25.5 dBm @ 1.485 Mb/s
> -26.0 dBm @ 270 Mb/s
Max I/P power > -1 dBm
Data rate 50 Mb/s to 3 Gb/s
Electrical Output
Standards SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE297M, DVB-ASI
Automatic rate selection for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI data rates.
Connector 2 x 75 Ohm BNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
Return Loss > 15 dB @ 1.485 Gb/s
Polarity 2 x Non inverting
Signal Level 800 mV +/- 10%
DC Offset 0 +/- 0.5 V
Jitter <0.15 UI line equalised
Format Reclocked (with bypass to support data rates down to 10 Mb/s)
General card specifications
Depth: 60 mm
Width: 20 mm 4TE
Height: 129 mm (3RU)
Weight: 100 g
Operating Temp: -30 to +70 ºC
Power: 3 W
Signal detect: LED on for loss of signal
No of slots: 1
EMI/RFI: Complies with 89/336/EEC
Electrical: Complies with EN 61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2
Laser Safety Complies with Class 1 laser product
24 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11
RoHS: Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC
Warranty: 5 years
Ordering Information
BC360R/M Multimode Single Channel 3G/SDI Fibre Optic Receiver Card,
Auto-Sensing and reclocking for SDI, ASI, HD/SDI and 3G/SDI. Fitted with LC connector.
BC360R/S Singlemode Single Channel 3G/SDI, HD/SDI Fibre Optic Receiver Card,
Auto-Sensing for SDI, ASI, HD/SDI and 3G-SDI. Fitted with LC connector.
Universal Chassis and Power Supplies
BC100-3RU 19″ 3RU Chassis for up to 15 BCxxx Cards with optional Network Monitoring and
facility for Dual Redundant Power Supplies (not supplied).
BC100-3RU/48V 19″ 3RU Chassis for up to 15 BCxxx Cards with optional Network Monitoring and facility
for Dual Redundant Power Supplies (not supplied). Fitted with 48V dc input.
BM100 Network Monitoring Card with GPI Output on a SCSI Connector for Slot-16
BM101 Network Monitoring Card with Ethernet connection for Slot-16
BC140 Extender Card for BC100 3RU Chassis
PS65 90-250VAC Power Supply for BC100-3RU or BB100-3RU Chassis
BC160 19” 1RU Chassis for up to 6 BCxxx Cards. Includes Dual Redundant Power Supplies.
BB110 Single Slot Chassis with Universal Mains Power Supply
BB120 Triple Slot Chassis with Universal Mains Power Supply