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The new range of Multi Format SFP Interface Cards, as well as having their own specific functionality, are very powerful building blocks when considering larger optical networks. For example the BC363 and BC364 have their functionality defined by the SFP modules fitted. The table below gives a flavour for the range of functionality available. If you have a specific requirement we would be pleased to advise on solutions.

BC364-SFP Combinations - click to enlarge
BC364-SFP Combinations – click to enlarge

The BC364 can also be configured to offer different circuit configurations for different applications. Click to download shortform brochure.
Includes wavelength management, drop/insert, ring networks and 2×1 switching.
By using different functions of the BC364 and combining with other cards in the range you can build a complex modular and scalable network.
Below we use a BC364, BC363 and BC351 to offer 1 optical in, 4 optical out plus 7 electrical out.

Card Combinations - click to enlarge
Card Combinations – click to enlarge

To give resilience to the system we also supply optical splitters and switches when you need to switch between a diversely routed main and backup fibre.

Diverse routing
Creating a diverse fibre route and automatic changeover switch – click to enlarge

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance in designing a new fibre infrastructure.