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Our modular 19” rack based infrastructure systems are complimented by a wide range of stand-alone portable products specifically aimed at Outside Broadcast and Special Events. Many products are designed for specific applications e.g. linking small robotic cameras, remote POVs or high end studio cameras, wavelength management and remote production.

Starting with the BlueNano, a growing range of compact full broadcast quality interfaces, though to the BlueLite and Caddie-LB units there is a solution for all key applications.

BC323-63 Multi format Interface
BC323-63 Multi format Interface

Bluebell offers a range of entry level units when you need an electrical to optical interface but cannot afford to compromise on performance and reliability. Based on a robust aluminium construction these units are durable and rugged and are complemented by a growing range of video, audio and data interfaces.

The latest BC323-63 offers a multi-functional interface defined by solely by the input and output SFP. All BlueNano units can be integrated to a rack-based equivalent BC Series card for optimal system integration. The BlueNano units are not just for monitoring, they can be inserted directly in the main transmission path and QA tests would not notice any signal degradation.
Each unit is contained in a rugged aluminium enclosure with a 4 pin XLR for power with new models added regularly.
All Bluebell products come with the same level of after sales service, support and 5 year warranty.

BC323-63 Multi Format SFP Interface
BC313/BC323 Single and Dual Channel SDI video links
BC550 SDI video links with return control or audio for remote robotic cameras
BN365 Single channel 12G-SDI video link
BN623 Bidirectional intercom and RS data link
BN723 Bidirectional RS data link

The TDM-700 is often used to link remote, robotic POV cameras to a central point, be it an OB truck or a CAR in fixed installations. The compact footprint allows the units to be discreetly located at the camera position while the modular construction allows single or multiple units to be housed in any of the 19” frames within the CAR/truck. The remote or Camera end can be housed in enclosures with ruggedised OB connectors for harsh environments or standard BC101 enclosures for fixed indoor installations like a Senate Chamber.

BlueLite and Caddie-LB 3G units are portable units specifically designed for Outside Broadcast and deployable applications. BlueLite is a particularly cost effective solution for commentary positions and with compact remote cameras asnd portable camera cranes and jibs.

Caddie-LB units provide a single cable link between cameras and ENG/OBs. Typical features include 3G-SDI video paths in each direction, on-air and IFB audio, intercom, and Ethernet data. Based around field proven technology the units offer a range of signals to the operator including program video, audio, comms, data and genlock for camera control and synchronisation. Generally all signals are multiplexed onto 2 fibres to ensure easy and quick system rigging with standard readily available cables.

Caddie-LB 4K
Caddie-LB 4K

Both the BlueLite and Caddie-LB should be seen as examples of what can be achieved. Due to their modular construction many different variants can easily be supplied to suit different requirements.

Due to the internal modular construction of the Caddie-LB we can provide solutions to match an almost limitless array of combinations including solutions for 4K. The Caddie-LB 4K is perfectly suited to the Sony F55 systems.


By combining different elements of the Bluebell range complete end to end solutions are available.

For example, the Shax units allow cameras and CCUs fitted with SMPTE connectors to be linked over a standard (often pre-installed) singlemode network. This can ease rigging and take advantage of a venues installed network. The ShaxX can then be inserted into the SMPTE cable run to deliver power to the camera.

Using combinations of BC364 or the BC363 allows multiple cameras to be deployed during an event and connected over a single SMPTE cable thus reducing rigging time. The BC364 and BC160 combination below can also be used to ensure all signals are available when the fibre count is reduced due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Blue Box QUAD 3G is a 4 channel multiplexer/demultiplexer that makes 3G-SDI to fibre conversion over SMPTE hybrid cable possible. The QUAD 3G provides a rugged conversion unit which allows the outputs from up to four cameras to be transmitted over a cable. The system is available in different configurations all operating over a single cable link.


WB-170 High Density Media Converter

In the event that you have multiple diverse 3G/HD feeds converging on a central point then the WB170 offers a high density and cost effective rack mount solution. The WB170 is designed as an ultra-compact 19” rack-mount media converter for the high density conversion of 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and ASI signals into fibre optical cable. The WB170 fits applications where space is at a premium but no compromises on the broadcast performance can be accepted.